There is a breathtaking world beyond your imagination. It is our world of Steam House. Cats On Bricks introduce the Steam House age with a unique groove that rolls and whistles like a steam train – on and on.

On board the Steam House train, Cats On Bricks will take you on an uplifting journey to another world in another time. Each train stop will bring new adventures and you will dive with Cats On Bricks deep into our steam house age. You will see creative art and fascinating performances, steam punk fashion and virtual meeting rooms where you can get direct access to the passengers of the train.

Feel welcome – We Are Steam House and so are you.

We are Cats On Bricks

We Are The Steamers


The Steam Meister

Gee Cyworth

Der Maschinist


Dr. Skrach

Priest J

Cyber Cat Bones


The Steam Kitty

WE are steam house

Our Steam Tracks

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Steam Tour

tune in and steam out

The Steam House Radio Show

The „Steam House Radio Show“ is a hosted 1-hour program played worldwide by countless radio stations to millions of fans. On a regular basis this studio production brings the latest Steam House music & news on air. If you are a broadcaster you can sign up to get the „Steam House Radio Show“ delivered directly. Just get in contact with us or with This Is Distorted. On top the „Steam House Radio Show“ is also played on Spinning Beats Radio, the station run by Cats On Bricks.

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Booking Inquiries

Cats On Bricks are proud to have been booked for:

  • ULTRA Music Festival Miami / USA
  • Hï Ibiza / SPA
  • PACHA Munich / GER
  • Residency at Star-Club / GER
  • ELROW London / GBR
  • Electric Mountain Festival / AUT
  • KRONE Festival Linz / AUT
  • and many, many more